Geddes Gallery presents ‘A transient space’, a collective exhibition curated by Cornelia Marland and Miguel Mallol. The five-day residency will be followed by a two-day exhibition from 12th - 13th December 2015.

Seven artists and a group of filmmakers were invited to create work in direct response to a building, to explore and respond to the space as it is. Time has clearly taken its toll on the flat, it remains as a time capsule, an empty space left and not returned to. The surrounding area of Kings Cross is associated with fast passed, transient, short lived encounters yet this space in the heart of Kings Cross holds onto time, refusing to change…for now. The artists involved spent 5 days in the space creating work and sharing experiences in response to their surroundings.

Filmmakers Louis Judkins, Ellie Bartlett and Sarah Lynch-Jones documented the residency.

The participating artists: Andrea Abbatangelo, Alex Bunn, Cristina Guitian, James Rogers & Henry Badrick, Susana Sanroman and William Angus.