CO-ORDINATE, September 2013

CO-ORDINATE was an interactive art exhibition curated by Cornelia Marland, celebrating the local culture of Kings Cross through community involvement in contemporary art. The project aimed to engage the public in a dialogue about the history, local culture and the environment of Kings Cross through art, workshops and events that emerge from and respond to the unique locality of Kings Cross at this specific point in its history. During the month long exhibition a range of related events took place, including live music from local bands, theatre and mapping workshops aimed at children and families.

Artists: Augustin Macellari, Cornelia Marland, Dante Rendle Traynor, Emily Campbell, Jim Geddes, John Riga, Tessa Lawer, Tyler Bollier.

Performances from: The Golden BoysThe Phil Grispo OrchestraThe Urban Foxes Collective.

Part of the Art Licks Weekend, 2013. CO-ORDINATE on "Bonus Levels" by Laurence Lek.