Jim Geddes: A Retrospective

Curated by Cornelia Marland.

I first came across the work of Jim Geddes while researching artists for the recent exhibition, Co-ordinate. The work had been stored in the basement of the local Italian deli K C Continental since Geddes had died in 2009.

Since discovering Geddes’ work I have been enthralled not only by his immense skill and creativity as an artist, but in the sheer volume of work he left behind. A local artist and well- known figure in King’s Cross, Geddes was thought to be a reclusive and unschooled ‘outsider artist’. In reality, he had attended art school, but had retreated to his basement studio, where he made an astonishing number of paintings and ceramics, many of which never left his home.

Geddes’ extraordinary output raises interesting questions about the need to create: how sometimes the making of art can be driven by inner necessity, not even requiring an audience or patron, and yet can still reflect the external world.

Geddes' large body of work was exhibited in the deli, K C Continental, after the shop owner Leo Giordani retired in April 2015.  This was the first exhibition that took place in the deli once it had become disused. The space currently functions as a pop up gallery and has been named after Geddes.